What to Submit

We are looking for a balance between two types of written pieces: calls to action and personal experiences. 

We like articles that focus on actionable items. Obviously, we know your boss sucks, that’s why we’re here! But, what can we do about it? Who is already doing something about it? What’s been done in the past? Identifying and describing problems in the industry is of course important, but the main idea of these articles should be to help us all take action. 

We also want to hear about your experience. Did a law change recently that made your life easier (or harder)? What was it like to work your first shift fully vaccinated? Did you read an awesome book about something restaurant-worker related? Chances are you have a very specific topic to talk about, so stay focused, relatable and engaging. 

If your article involves doing research, check out our reporting resources and as always, our editors will be able to give you some tips. 

When you sit down to start writing, ask yourself: What is the issue? Why is this relevant? How can readers help? How will this help readers? Each article will probably also include who is involved and where this issue is focused. Make sure to include any deadlines, particularly if this is a call to action, or when an event occurred if you’re writing a follow-up. If you can answer all of these questions in the first paragraph, congratulations, you are an amazing writer and will have great success. 



After publication on The Dish website, we ask that you share your work – by posting it on Facebook, tweeting it to your followers, or emailing it to your mom – not just so you can show your friends and family all your hard work, but so The Dish can reach your personal network as well. If friends or co-workers reach out wanting to know more, you can direct them to this form, our Twitter account or email us at dishragnewsletter@gmail.com, especially if they are also interested in writing for us. 

We are excited to hear what you have to say! If you have questions, want to run something by us first or have an idea that maybe you don’t want to write about yourself, just email us.